Why Illuminati

why “illuminati”

Rumours say that genuine secret societies of affluent people that exert a powerful influence on the world have existed for centuries. Illuminati is a conspiracy that has existed since the dawn of time, secretly pulling the strings of every major organization in the world. There is no evidence that the Illuminati still exist, but that only seems to add to their mystique. Some sources claim that several celebrities are also members of the secret society (Sources: Time Magazine, The Guardian, Huffington Post).

Here, at Illuminati Gastropub, you can be part of our society – The “Unsecret” Society of Good Food, Quality Drinks and Great Time! We are here to have fun, celebrate life, and remind you that everything is possible, even to be part of Illuminati… Well, we meant Illuminati Gastropub! LOL




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Dining & Terrace

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dining room

Here at Illuminati Gastropub & Restaurant we’ve been striving to offer a relaxed dining experience since we opened in Summer of 2017. We want you to drink and eat and, above all, talk, and we do our best to provide a place where you can enjoy such things to their fullest.

“The space has been transformed into a sophisticated, stylish and very comfortable destination with a modern flare… The ambiance, service, food presentation and quality each get an “A” across the board” (TCPalm).




The terrace is a spacious, leafy and informal dining space right off of Stuart’s US1. It features a hefty tiki style rooftop with warm, inviting  lighting, and its own sizable bar.  Enjoy the lush layered plantings and the indulgent atmosphere.


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